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Supervisory Signs

XD (Excluding Dividend)

Buyers are not entitled to dividend payment.

XR (Excluding Right)

Buyers are not entitled to pre-emptive rights in subscribing for new share issues

XW (Excluding Warrant)

Buyers are not entitled to pre-emptive rights in receiving warrants offered.

XA (Excluding All)

Buyers are not entitled to all rights prescribed at the time

H (Trading Halt)

Trading in stock which posted “H” is temporally not allowed for maximum of one trading session.

SP (Trading Suspension)

“SP” sign is to show that the posted stock is prohibited for trading for more than one trading session.

NP (Notice Pending)

The issuer failed to submit a quarterly or annual financial statement to the SET (via the ELCID system) by the specified time. The SET is awaiting the disclosure of additional information from the issuer or the information which has been received is incomplete or unclear.

NR (Notice Received)

Sufficient disclosure of the additional information, as requested by the SET, has been made by the issuer. (The NP sign is promptly replaced with the NR sign when additional disclosures are made as requested).